Prabhat Quick Revision NCERT Class 11 &12 [PCM] | Kotapointedu

 Prabhat Quick Revision NCERT Class 11 &12 [PCM] | Kotapointedu

Highlights of Books: 
(1) The Book Quick Revision NCERT–MATHEMATICS, recent edition has been prepared for a manner that will be very useful for the candidates who is studying in XI and XII standard and appearing in upcoming board as well as IIT-JEE Main, Engineering, BITSAT and other exams. This book has been divided into 24 chapters and 3 Practice sets in total covering the whole syllabus. To help students practice the concepts discussed in the chapters, practice exercises (MCQs) have been provided at the end of each chapter with Answers and Solutions. With this book you can grasp the skills and the clear concepts which asked in various described examinations. (2) Its Chapters are- Set Relations and Functions, Quadratic Equations and Expressions, Complex Number, Matrices and Determinants, Progressions, Mathematical Induction and Binomial Theorem, Exponential and Logarithm Series, Permutations and Combinations, Statistics and Linear Programming, Probability, Trigonometric Ratios and Equations, Inverse, Hyperbolic Trigonometric Functions and Height & Distance, Limits, Continuity and Differentiability, Differentiation, Applications of Derivatives, Indefinite Integration, Definite Integration and Area under Curves, Differential Equations, Coordinates and Straight lines, Circles and Systems of Circles, Conic Section (Parabola, Ellipse, Hyperbola), Vector Algebra, Three Dimensional Geometry, Mathematical Reasoning and Boolean Algebra. Written in crisp, clear and easy to understand language with proper illustrations wherever necessary, this book provides detailed information on the subject. (3) Quick Revision NCERT– MATHEMATICS has been written based on the syllabi of the various competitive examinations to aid the students understand and cope with this much overlooked yet important portion.

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