Pradeep's Fundamental Physics For Class11th &12th Volume 1 &2 With Solution | Pdf Download 

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Highlight of the book:
Senior Secondary Class is essentially a career–making Class, and Science is the most sought-
after course at this level for pursuing the 
ambitious career of a doctor, an engineer,
 a scientist, a research scholar etc.
 For realizing his dream, a student has to perform exceptionally well in this class. It is thus utmost important that all Science books – Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics for this class are designed in a way to give complete 
knowledge of these subjects in the most
 presentable manner. Pradeep’s books are the only books meeting this requirement in the most innovative way for more than 30 years. 
This revised edition of the book is according to 
new Pattern of examination. It contains NCERT based objective questions (conceptual, very Short, short and Long ) with answers. The book will prove to be the best bet for students for their Board as well as competition examinations. Pradeep’s fundamental Physics for Class XII is one of the jewels of the crown.

Pradeep's Fundamental 
Physics Class11:

Chapter Download link
Physical world 1Click Here
Physical world 2Click Here
Unit and Dimensions Click Here

Fluid Mechanics Click Here
Laws Of Motion Click Here
Work Power, and Click Here
Elasticity Click Here
System of particle &
Click Here
Gravitation Click Here
Simple Harmonic motion Click Here
Thermodynamics Click Here
Surface tension 1Click Here
Surface tension 2Click Here
Ray opticsClick Here
Work power energy & Collison Click Here

Class 12th Physics : 

Electrostatic FormulaClick Here
Electrostatic Click Here
Current Electricity Click Here
Current Electricity Formula Click Here
Magnetism Click Here
Electro magnetic Induction
and AC
Click Here
Refraction Of LightClick Here
Wave OpticsClick Here
Electron photon and 
X- Ray
Click Here
Atomic Structure Click Here
Nuclear Physics and
Click Here
Semiconductor Click Here

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