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Why Educart Are better than Oswal ?

I am sharing the points which I haven’t seen in Oswaal books but I really like about EDUCART sample papers are :

More Papers: Educart provides 13-18 sample papers at similar cost compared to 8-10 papers of oswaal.

Quality of Question: Oswaal quality of questions is poor. They don’t make all possible types of questions and choices internally are insufficient too. Educart on the other hand strictly follows CBSE Sample paper to the tee.

Solutions are key:

 Precise and CBSE demanding solution with detailed explanation of both objective and subjective section to understand it better and related theory also given better in Educart. To give you an analogy, it feels that solutions written by Educart are prepared by HoDs (heads of department) whereas that of oswal are written by a fresher teacher at a school.


• Publisher : Educart Publications Pvt. lmt.

• Language: English(maths)

• Paperback :- 483 pages 

• SIZE: 45 MB

• Quality:- Good 

• Source:- Telegram 

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