Evergreen Social Science Books Pdf

 Evergreen Social Science Books Pdf

Evergreen 100% Success Question Bank in Science for Class 10 is an examination-oriented book designed as per the latest REDUCED SYLLABUS and guideline issued by the CBSE Board.

 The Question Bank includes a large number of questions from the Previous Year’s CBSE Question Papers. 

The Format of the Questions is totally based on the latest marking Scheme issued by the CBSE. 

Very short answer, Short answer and Long answer questions and Multiple Choice Questions are included. 

Evergreen Sample Questions Papers (solved and unsolved) based on the New Question Paper Design issued by CBSE are included for self-evaluation and practice. 

CBSE Question paper -2020 (Solved) is also included.


• Publisher : Evergreen Publications

• Language: English

• Paperback :- 250 pages 

• SIZE: 110 MB

• Quality:- Good

• Source:- Telegram 

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