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FITTJEE COACHING INSTITUTE : FITTJEE Is One The Top Coaching Institute For JEE MAINS & NEET,Because It Gives Conservative AIR In Jee As well as Neet.

FITTJEE: Director Of FIITJEE Is Done His B. Tech From IIT DELHI

It Contains Following Chapter Of Maths For Jee

  1. Set Relation                 Download pdf
  2. Function.                     Download pdf
  3. Trigonometry Ratio.      . Download pdf
  4. Trigonometric Equation Download pdf
  5. Complex Number.         Download pdf
  6. Binomial Theorem.              Download pdf
  7. Permutation &combination Download pdf
  8. Profession And series.           Download pdf
  9. Quadratic Equation.              Download pdf
  10. Limit and Continuity.            Download pdf
  11. Ellipse.       ---------------------.     Download pdf
  12. Parabola.       --------------------.   Download pdf
  13. Ellipse. -----------------------------.  Download pdf
  14. Hyperbola---------------.             Download pdf
  15. Circle --------------------------------. Download pdf

Class 12th Maths 

  1. Appl. Of Derivative.   Download pdf
  2. 3D Geometry.              Download pdf
  3. Area -----------------.       Download pdf
  4. Definite Integration.   . Download pdf
  5. Differential Equations Download pdf
  6. Indefinite Integration  Download pdf

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