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  1. Why had the Indian Government put a barrier to foreign trade 
and foreign investment after independence? State any one 

Ans 1. The Indian Government put a barrier to trade and foreign investment 
after independence to protect the producers within the country from foreign 

2. Why did Mahatma Gandhi Ji decide to launch a nationwide 
satyagraha against the proposed Rowlatt Act? Explain any 
three reasons.

Ans 2. Mahatma Gandhi Ji decided to launch a nationwide satyagraha against 
the proposed Rowlatt Act: to trade, Rowlatt Act had been hurriedly passed 
through the Imperial Legislative Council despite the united opposition of the 
Indian members.
▪ It gave the government enormous power to repress political activities. 
▪ Allowed detention of political prisoners without trial for two years.
▪ It was the unjust law.

3. "The struggle of the Nepali people is a source of inspiration to 
Democrats all over the world." support the statement.

Ans 3. The struggles of the Nepali people is a source of inspiration to 
Democrats all over the world: - The autocratic decision of King Gyanendra in 
February 2015 resulted in a protest by the political parties and people of Nepal. 
Political Parties having diverse ideology joined together and defied the curfew. 
The leaders rejected the half-hearted concessions by the king, ultimately the 
king was compelled to concede all the three demands made by the protesters. 
Hence, this struggle of Nepali’s known as the Second Movement for 
Democracy became a source of inspiration to Democrats all over the world.

4.Describe the conditions in which markets do not work in a fair 

Ans 4. Conditions in which markets do not work in a fair manner: 
▪ When producers are few and powerful. 
▪ When consumers purchase in small amounts
▪ When consumers are scattered.
▪ When large companies have a monopoly in production of goods as they 
have huge wealth and can manipulate the market in various ways. 
▪ Passing on false information through media and other sources to attract 

5. In recent years how our markets have been transformed? 
Explain with examples

Ans 5. Transformation of our markets:
▪ There is a wide choice of goods and services before us in the market. The 
latest models of digital cameras, mobile phones, and televisions made by 
the leading manufacturers of the world are within our reach. 
▪ Every season new model of automobiles can be seen on Indian roads 
and the Indians are buying vehicles produced by the top companies of 
the world.
▪ A similar explosion of brands can be seen for many other goods from 
shirts to televisions to processed fruit juices.

6.why is conservation of mineral resources essential? Explain 
any three methods to conserve them.

Ans 6. Reasons for conservation: 
▪ The strong dependence of industry and agriculture upon minerals. 
▪ The process of mineral formation is slow.
▪ They are non-renewable. Any two points to be explained. 
Methods to conserve: -
▪ Minerals should be used in a planned and sustainable manner.
▪ Improved technology needs to be constantly evolved to allow the use of 
low-grade ore at low cost

▪ Recycling of metals using scrap metals.
▪ Wastage in the mining and processing should be minimized.

7.Describe any five major functions of political parties.

Ans 7. Functions of political parties:
▪ Parties contest elections.
▪ They put forward policies and programmes.
▪ Parties play a decisive role in making laws.
▪ Parties form and run the government.
▪ Defeated parties in the election play its role of opposition to the parties in
▪ Parties shape public opinion.
▪ Parties provide people access to government machinery and welfare

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